The wide array of dates and dry fruits that we have to offer to our customers is what makes us unique in the market. Its freshness added with taste and quality, makes it special. With the advancement of new technology, we have been able to transfer and import our dates, fresh and soft, just like how they were grown. Our founders are pioneers in the industry, and offers nothing else but only the best.



Dry fruits symbolize purity. From ancient times, people from across the globe have been serving dry fruits on special occasions and also to their guests. The food that we serve, speaks a lot about us. Offering dry fruits to your loved ones is a cultural tradition in many countries, mainly Arab countries.We started off Ajfan Dates and Nuts to introduce India to the best dry fruits that go in par with international standards. We have been successful in achieving that, and the happy faces of our customer’s are our testimony.We believe in providing quality products and promoting a healthy life. Hence, every pack of our dry fruits says an exclusive tale of hard-work, passion and plenty of love.


At Ajfan, we respect and connect with Mother Nature and earth and we do not do anything that does not go in sync with nature. Hence, dry fruits that we grow at our farm are free of pesticides or insecticides. The cultivation measures that we have been using are purely organic. There is minimal use of machines and we prefer using hands for our cultivations. We ensure that each pack of our dry fruits are hygienic and do not contain any preservative. Keeping nature intact and saving the environment is our way of giving back what Mother Nature has given us!
Our products can replace many of your harmful food habits and can supplement your body with various nutrients and even help you fight deadly diseases. So let us help you start a few good habits, and kick-start it off by grabbing a pack of Ajfan Dates and Nuts. What best to offer to your guests, clients and employees than dry fruits and nuts that are not only equally mouth-watering and healthy, but also symbolize purity!
We offer gift-wrapped dry fruits and nuts in innovative packaging. Our corporate gift dry fruit packs are totally customizable, across weight and products. An array of unique packaging, including gift boxes and hampers are available, making them the perfect corporate gifting idea. Yes, we make sure that our customers only get the best from the right places!




An exclusive brand that has been in business for more than 3 years, we at Ajfan, just does not want to compromise on quality and the love that we send in each pack of our dry fruits! We kick-started in 2013 with the motto of serving the country with the best dry fruits and imported products.

Dry Fruit Lover

Ajfan dates and nuts are spread across various cities in India and we have a chain of more than 30 outlets already. Our special farm fresh yellow dates, an exclusive in the market, is something you just wouldn’t want to miss especially if you are a dry fruit lover.