We import around 300

varieties of dates, nuts and dry fruits from countries like Iran, Afghanistan, United States of America and Dubai. The best dates that grow in Saudi Arabia are offered to our customers in India.The hand-picked dates are hygienically processed to ensure the best quality. Our exclusive farm fresh yellow dates are a catch for the season!


It has been 3 years since we flourished in the business, and we already have 40 outlets across 8 states in India. From Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh to Maharashtra, Telengana and Tamil Nadu, our journey has been so far, so good. Our customers are our superstars, and we are glad that we deliver only the best to them.

Handpicked farm dates available now

We grow the best dates in the world. Our farms are spread across 25 acres where an assortment of dates are grown. Handpicked and hygienically processed, we make sure that the quality of our dates, dry fruits and nuts are not compromised. Our farm fresh yellow dates are exclusive for this season.